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WKP # 050 Kevin Boyer From Real World Wildlife Products

WKP # 050 Kevin Boyer From Real World Wildlife Products

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WKP # 050 Kevin Boyer From Real World Wildlife Products

Jason and Todd get to pick the brain of the President and Co-Owner Of Real World Wildlife Products.  This guy is a wealth of knowledge!

Kevin grew up on a small farm in a rural community in central Illinois.  One of his grandfathers was an ag teacher for over 36 years, so farming, raising livestock, fishing farm ponds,  hunting, and trapping were part of his everyday life. Growing up meant being outside and helping out on the farm.

He began hunting small game as a child and at the magical age of 10 was allowed to start hunting whitetail deer with his dad and the rest of his family. Over the years, his interest in the outdoors turned into a passion for chasing whitetails and learning more about them.

Kevin purchased his first farm in 1984 and began turning it into a hunting paradise.  It was a small, 44-acre farm with pasture and some wooded ground. He soon began planting food plots and testing various seeds. What he discovered was that a true side by side test plot was the only way for the deer to show what they prefer. These plots also showed how the preferred food sources change throughout the season.

A few years later Kevin purchased three whitetail buck fawns to learn more about whitetails.   The more that he studied the whitetail and their food preferences and habitats, the more he became obsessed with gaining more knowledge about the species. He studied and did research on his three bucks for eight years and learned a lot from them.

Brandon Hammonds collaborates with the WKP guys about mature Whitetails

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  • David Dimmich
    Posted at 13:06h, 22 January Reply

    Very interesting data on food plot seed selection.

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