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WKP # 044 PART 2 OF 2 Brad Kuhnert Shares His Secrets to Harvesting Many Big Woods Whitetails

WKP # 044 PART 2 OF 2 Brad Kuhnert Shares His Secrets to Harvesting Many Big Woods Whitetails

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WKP # 044 PART 2 OF 2 Brad Kuhnert (Long time friend of Todd’s) Shares His Secrets to Harvesting Many Big Woods Whitetails.  I don’t think that I have listened to very many people as interesting as Brad.  He is tough as nails and he also knows how to kill mature Whitetails.  Not many of you have ever heard from Brad but I assure you’ll not forget it.  Brad was involved with Lone Wolf in its early days and is the inventor of the Lone Wolf Assasin.

Brandon Hammonds collaborates with the WKP guys about mature Whitetails

  • Karl Scheper
    Posted at 11:07h, 14 February Reply


    I enjoy your shows and podcasts, Brads tactics are very interesting and helpful. I would like to know more about what type of gear and tactics he uses to combat the cold weather conditions of his area. I would also like to know if he uses scents or calls on public land since many public deer are sensitized to them.


    • Jason Syens
      Posted at 19:49h, 24 March Reply

      When I’m going into an area to check sign where I believe there is a good buck I’m checking for tracks, rubs etc.. I’m checking this sign in certain fringe areas that it appears a mature buck has been using in the past. In most cases I’m not just randomly walking all around his core area looking for sign. By checking for sign on the fringe areas you minimize the chance of spooking the buck. If the sign I’m looking for is there then I know the areas I will hunt him at. In most cases these trees are already cleared out and ready for an assassin tree stand to go up. A lot of time these trees were cleared out during 1 of my spring scouting trips. The figure 8 was not a method, it was the pattern that a very mature buck was using. Once I had figured out his figure 8 pattern I know the best locations to harvest that particular buck. I hope this helps answer the question. If you need more information please let me know.

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