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White Knuckle Productions Web Show’s are filmed all-over the mid-west and are 100% Bowhunting, All Fair Chase, and All Self-guided. White Knuckle Productions Podcast is a podcast about all things Bowhunting and in general anything related to archery. The WKP team does all of our own scouting and stand set-ups; on both private and public lands. We show every aspect of the hunt, not just the seconds leading up to the kill. We are hunters just like you, we get no special treatment or hand-outs, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Our DVD’s and the Web Show and Podcast are a celebration of Whitetails and the lifestyle of the serious bowhunter.

Join Todd Pringnitz as he does some hinge cutting to create some ground cover & bedding habitat....

Remember the first deer you shot? Now imagine you were lucky enough to go hunting with Ted Miller. This is exactly what happened...

On this episode we follow Todd and Katie Pringnitz as she searches for her first buck during the shotgun season in Iowa. Watch...

Today we share with you Todd Pringnitz 2015 season. Watch as he chases after a buck he calls Tom Petty! Watch now!...

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