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Trail Cam Tips from Ryan – Stic N Pic GM

Trail Cam Tips from Ryan – Stic N Pic GM

Ryans (Stic N Pic Guru) Trail Cam Tips

When starting out in the trail camera game, it only takes one trip out to the woods to realize that hanging a trail camera on the trunk of a tree with a strap is a pretty inconvenient system.  We realized that long ago and set out to change the game.  Out of that was born Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Mounts.  It all began with the Original Tripod Mount which has undergone some design changes over the years but remains relatively similar.  A sturdy tripod made of steel with adjustable height, rotation, and tilt.  What this allows you is the ability to place your trail cameras exactly where you want them every time, regardless of whether or not there is a tree in that location.   Now, without the need of a tree to hang your trail camera, you have the ability to place cameras where never before possible.  In the middle of food plots, over water sources, 2 feet from the crooked tree you would have had to settle with before, anywhere you can imagine.


Next, we looked back to the tree and thought; the tree is often in a good place for a trail camera, but the strap attachment system is flawed.  From this, we developed two different tree mounts, the Strap On Mount, and the Screw In Mount.  Now before you say, “Wait for a second, a strap on mount?” let me explain.  Our Stic-N-Pic Strap On Mount is much different than the usual strap included with your trail camera.  Our Strap On Mount allows you to use multiple different mounting locations, from the trunk of a tree or an overhanging limb, and with its rotation and tilt adjustments, you are able to aim your camera perfectly in the direction you need it.  The Screw-In Mount gives you the same versatility but secures to the trunk or limb with an aggressive screw tip.

Over the last few years, we have released two compact versions, the Stic-N-Pic Mini Ground Mount, and the Stic-N-Pic Mini Screw-In Mount.  Both you will find are much more compact and packable while having the same capabilities of giving you endless different mounting location and possibilities.  All with the same adjustability and versatility.

And last but not least, the Stic-N-Pic Add-A-Cam Bracket.  This mount gives you the ability to add multiple cameras to the same mount, in order to monitor different directions.  It wasn’t until we began to use the Add-A-Cam bracket that we realized there is a whole lot of activity going on behind your camera!

Also, nowadays with a lot of people videotaping their hunts, Stic-N-Pic has become a huge help for them as well.  From placing action cameras on Stic-N-Pic Screw In Mounts up in the tree or ground mounts in the blind, to placing trail cameras in video mode on Stic-N-Pic Ground Mounts in their decoy set.  Videotaping your hunts can be done much easier with the use of a Stic-N-Pic camera mount.

All Stic-N-Pic products offer unmatched versatility and adjustability and allow you perfect placement of your trail cameras every time.  As always, they are 100% made in the USA and rock solid construction and quality.  Step up your trail camera game with Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Mounts and take your photos to a whole new level!



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