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2018 White Knuckle Productions Film School   When: July 14, 2018 Where: Coon Creek Hunt Club11050 Slough Rd, Garden Prairie…

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2018 White Knuckle Productions Film School


When: July 14, 2018

Where: Coon Creek Hunt Club11050 Slough Rd, Garden Prairie IL 61038

Who: Anyone that wants to Join the WKP Team, anyone who wants to learn how to film your hunt to be used in a WKP show.

Cost: $250 Before June 30th -$400 after June 30th


Class Curriculum – three separate modules:

This school is for folks that want to learn to film their hunts the way that WKP would want them filmed for use in our productions.  This is not a school of how to make a bunch of artistic video clips with a DSLR camera.  Don’t be confused we love that stuff but this is for someone wishing to join the team or do things the way that we do. 

Below you will find an outline of the things that we intend to talk about. We also will have a segment that is new this year that features Todd and the way he hunts and how he is able to consistently kill mature bucks while filming them himself. 


  1. Filming Your Hunt

    1. Video Camera Operation

      1. Camera Settings

      2. Proper angles

    2. DSLR Camera operation

      1. Still photos

      2. Filming with a DSLR

    3. How to capture the whole hunt- THE STORY

      1. Entrance filming

      2. Proper Interviews

  • Exit Interviews

  1. Walk out (cool shots)

  2. Filming the recovery

  1. Trophy Photos

  1. Proper setups for filming

    1. 2-person Setups

    2. Solo Filming setups

    3. Gear Todd uses to set up

    4. Making your set-up quiet

    5. Getting in and out quiet

    6. Run and Gun setups

  2. How WKP uses the gear from our sponsors

    1. What our sponsors want

      1. Still Photos

      2. Filming products during the hunt

  • How to represent WKP/Sponsors on Social media

  1. What it takes to become a WKP Team Member

  2. What WKP expects from a Team Member

  1. A Q&A Period where the WKP team members will answer your questions


A WKP team Hat and T-Shirt. A wealth of knowledge/insight from the current WKP team of the filming/hunting industry.


If you are interested in this school and becoming a part of our team, this is a prerequisite for a new team member please contact




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