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An important part of being a successful bowhunter is the ability to keep pushing hard when the hunting gets tough. Slow days, weeks, and even months on stand is an aspect of bowhunting that we can all relate to. There are no guarantees in fair-chase bowhunting; and sometimes it can feel like

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Any serious whitetail hunter knows the hard work and dedication it takes to consistently put big whitetails on the ground. It was our goal to show the commitment we make in pursuing big bucks around the midwest. From the fields of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin; we do all of our own scouting and stand set-up’s, on both private and public lands. We show every aspect of the hunt, not just the few minutes leading up to the kill. We film our entire season, from spring shed antler hunting, to summer glassing, and late summer scouting. Regardless of what you consider a trophy, you realize you’re hunt goes far beyond the kill…

DVD Length: 1 hour 45 minutes.


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