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White Knuckle Productions

President, Todd Pringnitz has been hooked on bowhunting ever since his first morning on-stand. Nearly 18 years later, Todd’s passion for bowhunting continues to evolve and grow with every new season and new business ventures within the hunting industry. It was Todd’s goal to create a hunting production that would appeal to the do-it-yourself hunter, who was ready for a fresh approach on the very traditional hunting video.

Todd’s straight-forward attitude and outgoing personality have allowed him to define who he is both as a person and as hunter like no other professional hunter before him. Todd’s approach is direct, aggressive, and different than what has ever been shown on-film. The goal was simple; show everything behind a kill – this is the White Knuckle difference!

Kyle Reenders of KR Images brought Todd’s vision to reality. Kyle’s background in the major motion picture industry as a professional cameraman and editor has enabled White Knuckle Productions to take their hunting production in a totally new direction. Todd realized from the beginning, video quality and film-style editing were essential for the creation of his vision. “Beyond the Kill” is this vision…

Film-makers make films – hunters hunt…

todd-kyle-white knuckle productions team
Kyle- white knuckle productions team

Kyle Reenders

Grand Haven, MI


jason - white knuckle productions team

Jason Syens

Portage, WI

General Manager

David Prochnow white knuckle productions team

David Prochnow

Cambria, WI


Mike Ernst
& Heidi Manley

Appleton / Hortonville, WI

Lisa-Ripka- white knuckle productions

Lisa Ripka

Grand Haven, MI

Bruce Ripka white knuckle productions team

Bruce Ripka

Grand Haven, MI

Katie Pringnitz- white knuckle productions team

Katie Pringnitz

Mt. Pleasant, IA

Amy Prochnow white Knuckle productions team

Amy Prochnow

Cambria, WI

walter- white knuckle productions team

Walt Eastling

Grand Haven, MI

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