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Jason’s Two Cents

Jason’s Two Cents

Well, this is my first stab at a blog.  So many times I have asked;  what the hell is a blog anyway?  I am not certain that I have my head wrapped around it, but here it goes.

For my first-time writing, I can promise you this is going to be like a bad date, awkward, all the makings of a train wreck.  My writing is sub-par at best, however my imagination is as big as the northern sky but my ability to put it into words on a piece of paper is less than 2nd grade level.

The first thing that I would like to do is say thanks to Todd Pringnitz for giving all of us this opportunity to be part of a company that not only is in a tremendous growth period but a company that understands the value of legal and ethical because those two things never ever take a day off.  You won’t find a more passionate bow hunter or person on the planet than Todd Pringnitz.  He loves everything that he does, and if he is involved, it’s because he believes in you and believes in the product.

Enough about Todd right, after all this is my Blog.  When I was informed that I would be writing this, I wondered what I was going to write about.  Then thru a conversation with friends and
reading a book, I realized what I would talk about, my first nine months of the $$ side of the outdoor industry.  I could give you all the business BS that means nothing to most of you that are reading this, but that is not important.  In my first nine months in this business, I have learned that having an objective, goal, or roadmap to success is crucial. (Earth Shattering I know) Thankfully God provided me with a mind for the business side of things.  What is more important than business, for all of us, when it comes to hunting is our individual goals.  As I watch everything go on around me in this business, I realize that by watching all these folks do what they do; it was without me knowing, changing how I felt about and looked at my upcoming season.  As I watch all these folks that are on TV Shows, Web Shows, Folks that own big treestand companies, trail camera companies, bow manufacturing companies, and on and on, I realized that for the most part, I was a lot like MOST of them in one respect.  We ALL LOVED to hunt deer.  You see Mark Drury, Stan Pots, Lee & Tiff and I are a lot alike. We all share a love of hunting.  We both love to chase whitetails.  That’s where it ends.  Don’t get me wrong, there may be a few more things but for the purpose of this blog, that’s about it.  How are we different, we both operate under different set of circumstances, but never the less we both have a mutual love for the sport.  Where I differ from the folks that have the prime time spot on any outdoor network, is in an opportunity.   I don’t have the same opportunity a 180-inch whitetail.  I may never have that opportunity, and that is where so many of us are getting lost.  We need to all reel ourselves back in and look at things for what they are.  You likely don’t own a farm that holds a 180 every year.  You don’t likely have as many hours per day invested in being a gamekeeper like many of the folks in the TV game do.  Understand one thing for certain, these shows are their paycheck, that is how they feed their families.  They have to invest every penny that they have in good ground, food plot budgets in the 10,000’s, and on and on. And yet many of us continue to watch and try to set our standards at the level of these professionals.  I have as much business doing that as I would picking up a basketball and going out on the court and trying to play like LeBron.  It isn’t realistic.   I can watch LeBron; I can listen to what he says and use his wisdom; I sure as hell don’t have any business thinking I can go out on the court and play with him.  What I can do however is go out on the court and have fun and play with a love for the game, likely the same love LeBron has, and play to have fun.

What am I trying to say?  I am trying to say set realistic goals.  Go out and hunt.  Go out and hunt and have a ton of fun.   Set your goals with your situation in mind, just make your goals, truly authentically yours.  Trying to shoot for someone else’s standards is going to leave you diapointed.

Truth be told, I am guilty of the same.  I go out and expect a deer that I have made a great plan to hunt, and it doesn’t work out because the guy another 40 over is sitting with his wind blowing into the bedding area I am waiting for Mr. Big to come out of.   Those are the circumstances that we deal with in the real world.  To an extent, every hunter does, some more than others.  I think we all need to reevaluate the goals we set for ourselves and understand that they need to be ours.  QDMA gets it right when part of their mission statement says the following “In today’s North American hunting culture, antlers are the most common and easily visible symbol of hunting achievement, but for QDMA members, many other rewards and benefits are equally cherished. That’s why we at QDMA we measure success in memories, not in antler inches.” – See more at:

So, do yourself a favor.  Make your hunt yours.  Let entertainers entertain.  #WKP #MAKEITYOURS



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