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Jason’s Two Cents-Top 2 Used Hunting Trucks Affordable To Most of Us

Jason’s Two Cents-Top 2 Used Hunting Trucks Affordable To Most of Us

The 2 best Hunting Truck available to Most of us.

When we got this new website the project manager was telling me you had better learn to blog!  I really don’t know what I am doing, as I have said before I write at a 3rd-grade level and don’t have a very good way of expressing myself on paper.  That said, I feel after my 25+ years in the Automotive Industry I would write on something I have some strong opinions about.  USED TRUCK’s!!!  

So here is my top 2 “Best Used Hunting Trucks” I will add a little information about each specific model in terms of engines, drivetrain, and available aftermarket items to make you look super cool when parking at the parking lot at the local hunting grounds. After all, they say “dress for success right?”.

Think of my list as a general guideline to what can be found, purchased, and built on a normal person’s budget. I hope that you find this information helpful, and as always, I welcome any feedback about my choices.  My Boss at my day to day job won’t agree with this article so let’s keep a lid on this one as I need to pay for hunting leases.  DRUMROLL PLEASE


Small Pickups
The compact pickup is probably the most popular truck of all, simply because of their excellent value. They are exceptional builder rigs that include nimble maneuverability, well balanced power-to-weight ratio, and a low cost of ownership.



  1. Top Pick: 1985-’95 Toyota Pickup
    Price range: $200- $3,000
    Right from the very start, Toyota pickups are rock-solid machines. As we say in the car biz, “It still says Toyota on the front” The truck is designed to take a beating.  I know this because I owned one and couldn’t kill it. They have stout boxed frames, extremely reliable rear axles, and a plethora of available aftermarket upgrades. The 22R-E four-cylinder is perhaps the most common engine supplied in these vehicles, and it will work but the 22R-TE was equipped with a small turbocharger, which improved power a bit but is scarce due to a very limited production run. If you can find one with the V6 (made in 88) and need to pull a trailer etc., you will not be disappointed that you held out for the upgrade.  Bottom line is that parts are plentiful and relatively inexpensive to get your hands on.  If dolling you truck up is your thing then this model has endless choices.  If Todd Pringniz can treat like a bulldozer, Kunz Eng mower, and a Nascar all in one; they have to be solid. 
  2. Runner up: 1993-’97 Ford Ranger
    Price range: $1,500 to $4,200. 


Fullsize Pickups
In the full-size pickup\world, I look for a proven track record of what goes thru many of the service drives I have worked in or around.  Any problems encountered during ownership have already been taken care of by the aftermarket companies so there are and abundance of parts at a relatively low cost. These trucks are abundant but not all Full-Size Trucks are created equal.  BUYER BEWARE.

  1. First place: 1988-2007 Chevy/GMC C/K-Series pickup
    Price range: $1,500 to $14,000

For the $$, you can’t beat a Chevrolet/GMC CK-series built between 1991 and 2007. They were available with several different engines, the best of which is the 210 HP 5.7L small-block V-8.  Keep in mind at the end of this model year run the switched to the equally dependent 5.3 LTR V8.  Look for trucks with the tried-and-true 14-bolt rear axle, or even better, the Dana 80 found on the back of 3500s. The front drive system is the weakest part of this particular platform. The Independent front suspension made these a candidate for many hours at the garage.  They will undoubtedly have many half shaft leaks, but this isn’t the end of the world and there are many bigger problems with other rigs that kept this at the top place. The most common transmission you will find is the 4L80E automatic, which should provide years of dependable service if maintained properly. All in all, there are so many of these on the road or in the junk yard due to salvaged titles etc., that there should be no problem getting affordable parts.  If you are looking to add a topper to your rig, call a junk yard, they are all over the place!  Bottom line based on just the cost of ownership this truck takes the first place with ease.

           Runner-up: 1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 diesel

A powerhouse of a truck that will run forever (in terms of an engine) but keep your savings full because the transmissions aren’t built for the long haul.


Well, there ya go Jason’s 2 Cents.  Happy Trucking!

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