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Jason Syens “The “C” Word”

Jason Syens “The “C” Word”

The “C” Word

 Keeping in mind the upcoming rut and all the anticipation associated with I wrote the following blog.
I know it’s probably a bit unfair to use that title; if you’re feeling like I baited you into reading this well, I did and it worked!!!!!  Now the C word isn’t what you’re thinking it’s actually quite clean, the “C” word is confidence and when you’re in the timber, its something that you need.
Here is a something that loosely resembles something I recently read  (I don’t remember who wrote it, but I vaguely remember the wording….does this make it my quote?  Whatever the case, it made a lot of sense to me. “Common sense would suggest that having the ability, like being smart, inspires confidence. It does, but only while the going is easy.  The deciding factor in life is how you handle setbacks and challenges which n turn give you confidence.  It really isn’t the success, it’s the failures that instill the confidence to press on. People with a willingness to add to their list of lessons welcome sat backs with open arms.”  It is easy to be confident when you are consistently successful.  The real key is being confident when you aren’t successful.  Let’s look at this a little deeper.
As I continue on my public land hunting journey, I realize more and more that my woodsmanship skills are a bit lacking (that will be another blog) and the process of hunting is a lot more like real life than I ever imagined it ever was.  Case and point-most times we make things harder than they are.  I guess it’s not really the hunting that is so similar to real life, it’s the process that you go thru on that road to trying to achieve a success, that is so similar.  I find myself in the tree more often than I would like wondering if I made a right choice, did I read the land wrong, did I miss the sign, is there a better spot?  The answer to those questions is many cases is likely YES.  I will explain. 
You see, to be successful, whether it’s in a professional life, a relationship, sports, or in the timber, there are 13 ounces of matter that you must master-your heart and your head. You’ve got to have the heart of a lion.  You have got to seek out and embrace the situations, those very setbacks will help you grow thru those experiences. You see your heart pushes you when you don’t want to go farther, you’re head tells you what’s wrong and right. The challenge in that whole scenario is believing in yourself enough to stick it out when everything tells you to go home. that my friends is confidence.
As I said a paragraph or so ago I would explain. When I said the answer to those questions in many cases is likely yes; what I meant is there’s probably a lot of mistakes, big or small that we all make when we make choices of the what, where, when, and how of hunting. What I have learned is that in making choices, and sticking with them right or wrong, it develops character.  Character helps build confidence. 
Deciding to define success or failure of a hunt, or of a season, as I’ve said in the past NOT by the number of inches and size of the deer, and rather measure it in the number of memories that are made, will give you much more satisfaction in the process.  Some of those memories you make will be straight up good times. Many other memories are the mistakes that build the character/confidence that it takes to be successful (remember it’s how YOU define it) year in and out.  You see if you can embrace the idea that part of success is enjoying the process, you will have confidence immediately.  I don’t know that any of this has made a whole lot of sense to any of you, I hope if nothing else you realize that what I’m trying to do is make excuses for the fact that I won’t likely shoot a deer this year.  KIDDING.   How you define success is going to dictate your overall attitude towards the experience.  If what you need to be successful, is to harvest a Boone Crockett Buck or a certain score of the buck in your truck bed, I promise you, you’re going to have a long season.  
Lets bottom line this whole deal.  FIRST, remember 13 oz’s of matter you must master, Heart and head.  HOW YOU define success is going to dictate your overall attitude towards the experience.  Your attitude will dictate your ability to recognize things and change them if need be.  Your ability to do that will determine your confidence.  That’s the equation!!!!  I know I have made this clear as mud.  Here is the deal, go out and have fun and more than anything #makeityours
Jason Out!!


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